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Efficient Reticulation Installation Services for Your Needs

You’ve just finished building or renovating your new home and the next step to tackle is designing and installing the best reticulation installation system for your needs. This is both exciting and a little be daunting. And you need to have it done the right way the first time.

We all need to use our water wisely, regardless of whether we are pumping our reticulation water via a bore pump or directly from the mains. We live in a hot and dry climate so designing and installing the right reticulation system for your needs is vital.

The experienced and reliable team at Swell Irrigation and Plumbing are the experts here. They are a one stop shop and no job is too big or too small.

Swell Irrigation and Plumbing can design and install an effective and efficient reticulation system to suit your needs.And if you want them to design your reticulation system for you to DIY it, they can help you there too.

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Swell Irrigation and Plumbingare happy to help you with a new reticulation installation design service for a new build, or for your renovation project or if you are wanting to replace your old reticulation system.

Swell Irrigation and Plumbing service the areas from Rockingham to Mandurah and Baldivis to Karnup, so they know what works best in these coastal areas. They know the water quality, they know the wind drift and they have all the supplies on board so you don’t need to wait for parts to arrive or a Plumber to install – Swell Irrigation and Plumbing are a one stop shop so you get the job done right the first time. They know the best water saving products to use to minimize water usage, and this saves you time and money.

If you have more than 100m2 of lawn and gardens to water, then you’ll want to consider a bore pump. Swell Irrigation and Plumbing stock a range of both submersible and centrifugal bore pumps. You would use a centrifugal bore pump if you have a shallow water table and a large irrigation system. These run a lot more litres of water per minute than a submersible bore pump. The centrifugal bore pump doesn’t sit in water, so you can do fault finding visually without disconnecting any pipework and lifting the pump out of the well. These have the same lifespan if sized and installed correctly so it is fit for its purpose.

You would consider a submersible bore pump if you want to run large amounts of water, say 200 litres per minute. There are no solenoids and all stations come on at once.

Swell Irrigation and Plumbing can help you decide what you need for your requirements.

If you have less than 100m2 of lawn and garden to water, then you probably won’t need a bore pump and can run the reticulation off the mains. The reticulation design and installation is still important because you want to make the most of the area you want to water. You want to ensure that your reticulation design and installation is fit for purpose and that’s where the knowledgeable team to Swell Irrigation and Plumbing are happy to help.

So call Swell Irrigation and Plumbing to have your reticulation services – design, installation and maintenance done the right way the first time.

Quality Services is what we do!

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