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Water Your Greens Effortlessly: Why Reticulation Services are Better Than Manual Watering

The water levels are rising every year and the water floor under the ground is sinking deeper. Without a proper irrigation system you are deemed to use and waste more water. This is known as human error. A mechanical system that uses pumped or stored water to drizzle enough water to keep your greens thrive happily uses up just the right amount of water. Be it your garden in the backyard or farm, water reticulation services are here to help you sustain the upcoming days of climate change.

Understanding The Reticulation System

Keeping a green land alive gives you peace of mind, beautifies your home and land. To keep them alive you need enough water. A water reticulation system is essential if you want to sustain the blistering heat of the summers and freezing cold of the winters. Reticulation system can be of different types and subtypes but, generally speaking, it is of four types. Depending upon the size of your land, amount and type of greens you have and the availability of water, we suggest the best types of reticulation system for you. Here are the four types of water reticulation systems,


  1. Sprinkler: An irrigation system where sprinkler heads are installed at a specific distance from each other, spread all over the land and the flowing water is sprinkled on the plants, grass. Sprinkler system delivers just enough water to wet the soil as well as remove dirt and dust from the leaves, keeping your greens alive and greener.  
  2. Drip: A network of pipes with small holes is installed throughout the land and water is passed directly onto the ground through the holes. In this method the water is supplied directly to the roots of the plants.
  3. Surface: Also known as flood or furrow irrigation system, in this method also water is supplied directly onto the land through a network of pipes.


So these are some of the reticulation services. We offer you the best suited option for your land and greens. No matter which one you choose, a reticulation system is self sufficient. You turn on the switch and pump, the water starts to spread out evenly. Once the land and greens are all wet you just have to switch it off, that’s all the hard work you have to do in order to water your greens. This way the reticulation system creates a water efficient environment that reduces water wastage due to carrying water from one place to another.


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Maintenance & Repair


Like any other functioning systems, water reticulation systems also require repair, maintenance and upgradation. Timely maintenance helps to keep the existing reticulation system in good health, well functioning and reduce water wastage as well. We also offer reticulation system repairs when needed, sometimes the system may break down due to accumulation of dirt, soil, rust etc.


Upgrading Your Reticulation System


We also offer reticulation system upgrades. In case your system is worn off, you want to install a different type of system or some new technology is introduced in the market, in all of these cases we help you to get the best of your existing system. Instead of uninstalling the old one we offer an upgrade with certain parts changed. This saves both your time and money while you get the latest technology reticulation system.  


Commercial Vs. Residential Reticulation Services 


Reticulation services in Perth, Australia are of very high demand. Both commercial and residential reticulation services require time, money and expertise. We have the right technology, experience and expertise to offer you. The main difference is that for residential reticulation services your time, expense is far lesser than that of a commercial one. Since the area to cover is far lesser in size for residential ones, the system installation is far less complicated and less expensive. From installation to maintenance and upgradation, we offer each and every service for both when you choose us for your residential and commercial reticulation solutions. 




In short, if you are looking for a solution to water your greens effortlessly, repair or upgrade your old reticulation system in or around Perth city, Australia, Swell Irrigation is your one stop solution to everything. While we encourage getting expert solutions we also encourage you to gather knowledge about your reticulation repairs, upgrades and everything else, so you can make your own decisions when needed.

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