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Fixing The Water Flow: Expert Solutions For Borehole Repair

Water is required in various different ways to sustain daily life. Accessing groundwater gives us freedom from using water for everyday household chores. Gone are the days when people went to the public well to collect water. In today’s world technology gives us the opportunity to work a bit less for day to day necessities. Drilling a borehole is one such thing that helps us to get access to groundwater in our houses seamlessly and effortlessly. In this article we will be discussing water bore repair, how and when to get water bore repair done.

What Is Water Bore

Water bore is essentially a long, super deep hole or tunnel dug under the ground to get access to the stored natural water under the ground. It is then connected with a long pipe which operates through a pump above the ground and pumps up water every time you turn on the pump. This whole technique is pretty easy to install, use and operate. 

Water Bore Repair

Like every other thing in operation, a water borehole also requires maintenance, occasional repair. In this article we will discuss how to and why you should get maintenance, repairing done. You can call us for both repair and maintenance whenever you need. It is advised that you contact an expert team for this purpose as water bore repair is not very easy for a common human without proper equipment. At Swell Irrigation we have a dedicated team of water bore repair, borehole maintenance, borehole rehabilitation, borehole restoration and fixing.

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Our Dedicated Team For Water Bore Fixing and Maintenance

At Swell Irrigation we have a dedicated team of expert tradesman to look after your water bore repair needs. We are proud to offer you water bore maintenance services from Rockingham to Mandurah and the South West of Australia. Our unique tractor drill rig is designed for tight access and restricted areas. With the help of advanced high tech equipment we get borehole drilling, repairing, and maintenance done without causing too much damage to your property. 

Here is a list of works that our dedicated team works on.

  1. Pump Installation and repair. 
  2. Water Bore Drilling and Air Development
  3. Fault Finding and Diagnostics
  4. Reticulation Mains to Bore Conversions
  5. Motor Burnout Assessment and Insurance Claim


Be it a house or an office you cannot imagine a place with no water supply right. This is where our pump installation service gets your job done. Not only installation, we offer repairing service also, so that you don’t need to stress on a single thing and get a seamless water supply in your place.

High Quality Water Bore Drilling and Maintenance Service

As mentioned above we have a dedicated team of expert tradesman who can provide you with top notch water bore drilling service. Our experienced team makes the process easy and quick. Now the question arises why do you need maintenance service? Once the water well or borehole is dug a casting pipe is inserted to pull out the water. Now this slotted pipe work can get damaged over time. Reasons can be various, mostly heavy metal deposition from the groundwater is found. Deposition of iron, calcium or sometimes dirt and other debris can significantly affect the quality of water, water flow. Our smart air development technique makes it easy and effortless to get your borehole back to its original condition. Furthermore, it is up to our team to figure out the problem in your borehole. This is the very basics of borehole maintenance. Our team is always ready to find out the fault effectively and efficiently so that your water supply remains uninterrupted.

Water Borehole Rehabilitation

Borehole rehabilitation can help restore your borehole’s performance, hence increase longevity and sometimes it involves a borehole that is no longer in use. Rehabilitation also helps maintain the borehole’s role in water conservation. At Swell Irrigation our aim is to provide you with easy, seamless water supply. We offer timely borehole rehabilitation to prevent water supply problems in your house or commercial property. 

Why You Should Consider Borehole Repair and Rehabilitation

There can be a few reasons behind your borehole repairing and rehabilitation. These are a few of the most typical explanations for: 

  1. Breaking down of equipment such as pumps, winch.
  2. Ground water level goes further down resulting in a reduced water flow or even worse drying up. 
  3. Groundwater pollution which happens mostly due to excretion or presence of heavy minerals.
  4. Damage in the concrete casting which further leads to leakage and contamination.
  5. Not having enough depth hence shortage of water supply.
  6. Sometimes lack of cleanliness and maintenance also impacts the overall health of the borehole. This in turn leads to borehole rehabilitation.


For home owners it can feel a little bit overwhelming to get a borehole repaired or rehabilitated. We recommend you to relax and leave it to us. Our experts’ team will reach your location, find the problem and provide you with the right solution efficiently. What’s best is that you remain fully insured with us. In case any problem arises in the future you just sit back and let our fully equipped team of experts do their job. For each of your problems we have a service vehicle loaded comprehensively. We are a locally owned company hence we have an understanding of what the soil, water is like in your area. So choose to repair and maintain your water borehole for a better life with us. You sit back and let us do the work.  

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