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Bore Pumps Installation

Seamless Bore Pumps Installation in Rockingham to Mandurah

We have a specialist team of contractors at Swell Irrigation who can drill and install submersible bore pumps to access groundwater for your garden and reticulation system needs. From drilling to bore pump installation, maintenance, and repair, our water bore drill experts and water bore filtration systems technicians have you covered. We have the necessary technologies and tools to complete the job efficiently and professionally. When we install the new water pumps, we make sure to use high-quality, well-known brands that have been proven to last.

Bore Pump Installation: Step-by-Step Process

The bore pump installation process begins with a thorough site assessment to understand the depth and volume of the groundwater source. After selecting the appropriate pump based on the assessment, a borehole is drilled to reach the water table. The pump, equipped with a series of pipes, is then lowered into the borehole, ensuring it’s placed at the optimal depth. Once secured, electrical connections are set up, and the system is tested for functionality. The final step involves backfilling and sealing the borehole, guaranteeing a safe and efficient water extraction system.

Professional Bore Pump Installation: Why It Matters

While bore pumps might appear straightforward, their installation demands precision and expertise. Professional installation ensures the pump operates at peak efficiency, optimally harnesses the water source, and has a longer lifespan. By avoiding common pitfalls, such as incorrect depth placement or misaligned fittings, professionals at Swell Irrigation guarantee not just a functioning pump, but an optimized water extraction system that delivers unmatched performance.

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    Providing A Full Range Of Bore Pump Installation Services

    We ensure that all safety precautions are taken before installing the bore pump and underground services are located before drilling. After the bore pump is installed, our team tests its performance, as performance testing is an integral part of our service project offering because it shows our client that the pump meets the required specifications. Please contact us immediately if you’d like to learn more about our bore pump capabilities.

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    Why Should You Install a Bore Pump Water System?

    Whether we like it or not, the amount of rainwater reaching Perth’s dams has decreased dramatically over the last few decades. With rising water bills, it’s no surprise that Western Australia is embracing Bore Water Systems. Irrigation systems typically consume 40% of household water. Bore water combined with the proper water-wise reticulation system is how you can save money and conserve precious water. However, proper installation and ongoing maintenance are critical to the success of bore water systems.

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    How Do Bore Pumps Function?

    Once a bore has been drilled, the driller develops the bore, which is the process of beginning to pump water out of the bore, cleaning out all of the sand, clay, and debris from the drilling process, and then testing the depth of the water and the flow rate so the pump installer can figure out how to get water out of the bore efficiently. After a few hours, this is removed, and a test pump is fed down into the bore via a pipe and turned on. This test pump was chosen to hopefully pump the bore faster than it can flow, allowing the driller to determine the maximum flow. Finally, the depth of the bore is measured after the flow rate is tested and the bore consistently produces water.

    If you’re convinced you need a bore pump for your Rockingham property, call us, and we’ll recommend the best water systems for your needs.


    Frequently Ask Questions

    1.How long does it take for a new bore to be drilled and pump installed?

    It takes 1-2 days to drill a new bore well depending on depth. Installing the pump, electrical and shaft feed pipe with a valve box takes about 4-6 hours depending on electrical supply.

    2.Do I need approval or a license for a bore installation?

    No license or approval is required for a domestic bore pump, new and existing. Some rural or commercial sites may require a license depending on what the bore is used for.

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