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Lawn Installation & Laying Services

Lawn installation and Repair experts in Rockingham and Mandurah

For lawn installation in Rockingham residents choose Swell Irrigation for hassle-free, kid and pet-friendly, low care turf installation services. Our knowledgeable team will be delighted to discuss your needs with you. At a fair price, we offer dependable and competent service. All your needs, including front or rear lawns, a plush patio, poolside or spa surroundings, or even a private golf course, are covered in our lawn installation services. Our entire product line offers exceptional value, and we would be delighted to discuss the best turf options as per your needs.

Professional Lawn Installation & Laying Services: A Green Oasis Awaits

A lush, green lawn can dramatically transform any residential space, offering a serene oasis right at home. At Swell Irrigation, our lawn installation and laying services are carried out with meticulous attention to detail. From soil preparation and choosing the right turf variety to the actual laying process, we ensure every step is executed perfectly. The result? A beautifully manicured lawn that becomes the envy of the neighborhood.

How to Choose the Right Lawn Installation and Repair Experts for Your Yard

Choosing the right lawn installation and repair expert is pivotal for a thriving yard. When making a selection, consider factors such as the company’s experience, customer testimonials, their approach to soil preparation and turf variety selection, and post-installation care guidance. Swell Irrigation, with its proven track record, knowledgeable team, and commitment to excellence, stands out as a trusted partner in this domain.

Lawn Irrigation Solutions for Optimal Growth

Proper irrigation is the linchpin of a flourishing lawn. Swell Irrigation’s lawn irrigation solutions are designed to deliver water efficiently, ensuring even coverage and minimizing wastage. Whether it’s through underground sprinklers that pop up at scheduled times or drip systems for targeted watering, our solutions cater to the unique needs of different lawns. With our expertise, your lawn receives the right amount of moisture, promoting robust growth and a verdant expanse.

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    Benefits of Lawn Installation

    The need for little care is one of the key advantages of lawn installation. In order for the roots to set down, new turf sod needs more watering maintenance in the first few weeks after installation. The reduced need for irrigation is a significant advantage of hiring Swell Irrigation to install your turf. For the first two weeks, the lawn needs to be watered no more than twice per day to maintain its ideal state. Contrarily, natural lawns need to be watered at least four times a day, which takes a lot of effort and raises water costs.

    Our lawn installation only takes a couple of hours depending on your property plot size. After installation, it takes around two weeks for it to properly develop, so your yard will start to appear green pretty much immediately. Also having a roll on lawn installed will expel heat. Homeowners can lounge in their yards even on sweltering Australian summer days thanks to the cool green lawn grass.


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    About Image 2

    DIY vs Swell Irrigation: Which is Better?

    Although it may appear that a DIY lawn is less expensive, there are a number of unknowable aspects. You run the risk of making a mistake that will ultimately end up costing you more money if you have little to no experience with planting and landscaping. Experts from Swell Irrigation can help you guarantee that the job of lawn installation is done right the first time.

    Why Hire a Professional for Lawn Installation?

    Swell Irrigation’s skilled specialists have installed planted hundreds of lawns throughout the years and are familiar with a variety of preparations and soil conditioning landscapes. Each property is unique, and we know how to use that to your advantage. We can even provide you advice on what steps to take to improve the performance and value of your lawn.

    There is also the aspect of purchasing grass installation supplies might add up if you take up a DIY project, and you might not have access to everything you require. A Swell Irrigation expert has sufficient experience working with all kinds of materials. Hire us and we will take care of worrying about getting the right products for your lawn and turf.


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    Your Lawn’s Beautification Matters To Us

    A lawn can be a great place to enjoy fresh air with your family. Some benefits include:

    Enhances Beauty

    The value of your property rises, and your home's appearance is enhanced by a well-kept lawn.

    Leisure Activities

    In the convenience of your house enjoy a quick picnic or play sports

    Air Pollution Reduction

    The grass collects dust and debris, which lowers the amount of pollutants that cause respiratory problems.

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    Leave The Hard Work To Us

    The process of lawn installation first involves measuring and designing your new layout and then selecting the right grass. We then remove tear the existing soil or lawn sod, level and shape the ground and add in your base layer along with soil improvement material. Once the soil is ready, we will roll out the turf. If you have trees or round objects in the area, we will make relief cuts in the turf in order to allow the lawn to blend in. Next, we seam the pieces of turd using seam tapes, spikes, and special adhesive. Once the turf in secured at the seams we lay infill. Our experts will broom the bristles and add additional infills as required and give the lawn a final booming. And voila, your lawn is ready!


    Frequently Ask Questions

    1.Where do we get our turf?

    Swell irrigation only uses one supplier, AG buffalo located in baldivis. Locally grown sir walter buffalo is the best in WA.

    2.What time of the year is the best for turfing?

    You can lay turf all year round, in spring and summer it establishes quicker but requires more water. In winter and autumn it takes a bit longer to get established but requires less water.

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