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Do I Need To Maintain My Bore Pump?

Do I need to maintain my bore pump? This is a great question and the short answer is ‘no’ you don’t. You can let it run dry, burn out and then replace it.  The more accurate answer is ‘yes you do need to maintain your bore pump, just like you maintain your car with regular servicing, including an oil change.’ It’s the smart thing to do. You know the old saying … an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.’

So when is the best time to have a professional come out and maintain your bore pump? The best time is when the bore pump has not been running for a while, such as having been turned off over Winter. So, ideally, you get a professional, such as the team at Swell Irrigation and Emergency Plumbing to come over and make sure it is primed (an industry term) correctly and safely. And the ideal time to do this is just before you are allowed to turn your reticulation on again in Summer. And you know how we all love to leave things until the last minute? Well, a good tip is to put a yearly reminder into your calendar, either in your phone or onto your paper calendar for the month before you turn on your Summer reticulation. And that’s when you do a little test or you just call the professionals at Swell Irrigation and Emergency Plumbing.

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Why use a professional like Swell Irrigation and Emergency Plumbing? Because they service and maintain the coastal strip from Mandurah to Rockingham and inland to Baldivis and Karnup. So they are well versed in the different water and the different issues that present in each suburb. No, all water is not created equal. Mandurah has different water to Rockingham, so your bore pumps and your reticulation services need to be treated individually and not in a ‘one size fits all’ way that a lot of other reticulation companies do. Swell Irrigation and Emergency Plumbing carry a stock of bore pumps with them, so you don’t have to worry about any supply issues, delays and having to wait for stock to arrive before you have the work completed in a timely and professional manner. The Swell team are a one stop shop for your bore pump maintenance and repair needs.

A word of caution … don’t just get to Summer and turn your reticulation service controller onto ‘auto’ and hope for the best. Turn your reticulation service controller onto ‘manual’ and see if any water comes out of the reticulation sprinklers. If it doesn’t, turn off the controller and call Swell Irrigation and Emergency Plumbing. You don’t want your bore pump to run dry. Why? Because your bore pump will burn out and you will have to replace it.

So call Swell Irrigation and Emergency Plumbing on 0479 034 296 to maintain your bore pump to the highest and best standard.

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