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Prep Your Plumbing For Winter

Plumbing emergencies are the worst and can occur anytime. While that is true, one has to be extra careful during the winter season. The chilly weather as well as the festive season is upon us during that time, which translates to an increased demand for hot water when you have visitors at home or are hosting parties. All of this could impact your plumbing system and you must have emergency plumbers on standby. Some tips to help you get through the wintertime with ease

Repair existing leaks

During the cold winter months, even minor leaks can cause serious issues. Leaks can produce weak places in pipes that lead them to rupture owing to increasing pressure when the water in pipes expands as the temperature drops. Do not take even the smallest leak for granted and get it repaired. There are chances that water can seep out of these leaks into your ceiling or walls. They could weaken your walls and cause them to crack and peel. You do not want your guests or loved ones to be sitting at a table and suddenly have a ceiling collapse?


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Insulate your pipes

Insulate any exposed pipes around your home to decrease the possibility of them freezing. Insulating the pipes can also help you save money on water heating.Frozen pipes and, burst pipes can cause major and costly damage to your property if your piping is not properly insulated. If you turn on the water and there is no water coming out of the faucet, your pipes are frozen. If frozen pipes are not treated, they might expand and break. When the water melts, it will flow into your home and cause damage. You may avoid frozen pipes by ensuring that they are appropriately protected and get sufficient heat throughout the winter. A skilled plumber can help you choose the best insulation for your pipes. They can also advise you on how to heat the pipes in your basement, garage, and other cooler areas of your home.

Clogged sinks and drains

Drains clog more frequently during the cold months than at other times of the year. Be prepared for a clogged sink with more cooking and more entertaining, you could also be at the receiving end of a clogged sinks and drains. As a first step, have a handy plunger in the kitchen. Before using chemical liquids and dissolvents to clean a clogged sink, use the plunger to remove the impediment. When the obstruction is serious, the best course of action is to use a drain snake to unclog the sink. Professional plumbers can evaluate your sewage pipes for probable blockage causes and make the required repairs to minimize the chance of this occurring in the winter. This might entail placing new detachable screens in all drains to control what goes down the drain.To avoid any further damage get your pipes looked at regularly and connect with us to know more about our draining services.

Cleaning your water tank

It is essential to plan regular maintenance and cleaning of your water heater and drainage pump to avoid difficulties with your water heater during the wintertime. Maintenance is required to remove trash and particulates, as well as minerals if you use hard water, to maintain the water quality in your house clean and to prevent further damage to other flora and fauna.  If your water tank is not cleaned properly it could lead to issues such as lack of hot water when you need it the most. At that point of emergency, you will need a professional plumber to examine the water heater examined. Your plumber may propose minor repairs or replacements depending on the cause of the issue. Corrosion in the tank might also lead to the ineffective functioning of the water heater. In this instance, the plumber may advise emptying the tank to increase efficiency.

Before winter, inspect your plumbing

Wintertime is also a time when most of us plan a vacation with our family and friends. We do not want to come back home to burst and frozen pipes. You should be aware on the location of the main water valve in your house, shut the water supply from there and empty the water from all of your house’s taps and flush the toilets to drain water inside the pipes. This decreases the possibility of water in the pipes freezing, swelling, and bursting. Moreover, you should also be cautious of lowering your heating too much to save money on your heating bill, since this might result in frozen and broken pipes. To avoid such extreme situations, you should have a professional come and check your plumbing before wintertime. You can ask them questions related to where the main line is and how else you can avoid plumbing emergencies during winter. Our team is available in all of Rockingham and Mandurah areas. You can connect with us at the number mentioned on the website. We will be glad to come and assist you in any matter required.


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