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A Beginner’s Guide To Residential Reticulation Systems

For homeowners with a passion for maintaining immaculate lawns and gardens, a residential reticulation system may be the best decision ever.

DIY irrigation system installations on a modest size are possible, but for a more substantial household irrigation system, a professional installer should be your first choice.

Keep reading our residential reticulation guide if you want to learn more about a professional system that will take care of all your irrigation demands, keep your lawn healthy and growing, and be worth the investment.

How Residential Reticulation Systems Can Save You A Fortune?

The residential irrigation system cost may seem higher at first, but it can help you save money in the long term in many different ways. An irrigation system may be the best option for you if you enjoy traveling or are compelled to do so frequently for work.

Having someone else maintain your lawn or bothering your friends and family to do so can be avoided with this fully automated system. You can rest easy wherever you go since your lawn will be well taken care of.

By preventing overwatering and the subsequent death of plants, which can be expensive to replace, an in-home garden irrigation system can be a money-saver.

In addition to saving you time and money, your new irrigation system will also help you preserve water by only watering your grass and garden when they need it. This will help you save money on your monthly water bill by decreasing the amount of water you use and preventing damage to your lawn from overwatering.

It’s easy to forget to turn on a manual sprinkler, and even if you do, it probably won’t water your lawn evenly. One of the leading causes of plant and grass death is improper watering, however a good system can alleviate this problem.

The price of a residential irrigation system may seem high at first, but when homeowners consider the money they’ll save on utilities, the time saved, and the increased value of their home, they realize that it’s the best option out there.

Two Types Of Reticulation Systems

Below, we’ve compiled two types of reticulation systems that help residential gardens remain lush, green, healthy, and thriving to aid in your comprehension and knowledge of how a reticulation system works.

1. Drip Reticulation System

Drip reticulation systems, as their name suggests, allow water to be delivered directly to plants through holes or outlets in the piping. Pipes in the reticulation system are buried, maybe in mulch or beneath the earth. This method of irrigation ensures that water is used effectively and efficiently, with little to no waste. With these characteristics, the drip system becomes very efficient and water-saving.

Drip irrigation is very effective because of two main factors:

  • Before it can evaporate or run off, the water seeps into the ground and is absorbed.
  • It is a water-efficient strategy since water is supplied directly to the plant’s roots rather than being sprayed all over the area.

2. Sprinkler Reticulation Systems

Large, level lawns or grassy areas on a property can be watered efficiently with a sprinkler system. For safety reasons, lawn mowers, driveways, children, and animals, the polypipes and pop-up sprinkler heads/nozzles are typically put underground.

One of the oldest forms of reticulation technology is the use of pop-up sprinklers. You may get the best coverage for your grass by installing pop ups all around its perimeter and connecting the pipes underground so that water can be sprayed down from above.

Examples of efficient and adaptable sprinklers are the wide range of rotator types. As they require less pressure and flow to operate, and because they deliver water at a slower rate, more of them can be used simultaneously to cover the area.

These days, you can easily manage and water your plants in accordance with the stringent regulations in force thanks to waterwise reticulation controllers with Wi-Fi capabilities.

Naturally, both reticulation systems require additional elements to function properly and make watering easy and stress-free.

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What Are Smart Reticulation Controllers?

At the moment, retic controllers exist in a wide variety of styles and prices. Certain reticulation controllers are “water wise,” letting you schedule when and how often your system waters, as well as make adjustments or turn off watering entirely.

The control panel has simple controls like dials and buttons, and some models even have a Wi-Fi module for remote access and management of the system.

Solenoid valves and boxes: the driving force

Solenoid valves are control mechanisms that can open and close to regulate water flow in a reticulation system. Valve Boxes are used to shield them from harm and make repairs simpler.


In a reticulation system, water is transported by a series of underground pipes. There are a wide variety of pipe sizes available for various applications. Only highly trained and experienced reticulation specialists can determine the ideal size for your needs. The pipes will connect each sprinkler head to the main water line, and the pipes themselves will be laid in trenches.


The Reticulation specialist will program each zone or site using your water wise reticulation controller, and then the emitters (also known as pop-up sprinklers, micro sprinklers, bubblers, etc.) will spray or feed water to your plants in that zone or area.

Summing Up!

Each residence has unique watering requirements. It is dependent upon the area you wish to cover, soil type, the plants already in place, and other factors. Perhaps a drip irrigation system or one of these reticulation systems would be more appropriate for your landscape.

Swell plumbing has the expertise and experience to install the ideal reticulation system for your home or business, no matter how big or small the area. Let us take care of the tough choices, meticulous planning, and precise reticulation system installation for you. You can rest easy knowing that we will only utilize the most effective water-saving products.

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